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Berlin is one of the cities that are blessed with attractions to suit all tastes. In Berlin, there is nothing you can not do. From extensive shopping tours, theater, opera and musical performances, to walks in the "Großer Tiergarten, excursions to Potsdam and museums of all kinds.

Within walking distance

These attractions are very close to our hotel:

  • Kaufhaus des Westens
    At the KadeWe you can buy anything imaginable and find many culinary delicacies. It is one of the most famous attractions of Berlin and is just steps from Hotel Auberge away.
  • Europa-Center
    The Europa-Center is one of the most famous buildings of West Berlin, newly build during the division and through the Mercedes star recognizable from a distance, has to offer more than 70 shops and restaurants in one place.
  • Die Stachelschweine
    In Europa-Center in the basement is the home of the Stachelschweine. The ensemble offers sassy, uncomfortable and "unshaven" Cabaret.
  • Zoo Berlin
    The Tierpark Berlin is one of the best known and most varied zoos in the world.
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche
    The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche is a world known church, as it combines the ruins of the during world war II destroyed church with a new building. Inside the blue windows of modern facade strongly come into play and strengthen the religious significance of the building.
  • Kurfürstendamm
    The Kurfürstendamm is the Boulevard in Berlin. Many other attractions of West Berlin, such as theaters, cafés and shops can be found in this street.

In the vicinity

If you are able to walk, you can reach these attractions with a short walk.

  • Großer Tiergarten
    After the Tempelhof Park the Großer Tiergarten is the second largest park in Berlin.
  • Siegessäule
    On the big star in the middle of the Tiergarten you can find the Siegessäule. It was built in memory of victorious wars. It is accessible and provides a very good view of Berlin.
  • Berliner Festspiele
    One of the main theaters in Berlin. In the House of Berliner Festspiele all year round events are offered.

With public transport or car to reach

These attractions are spread across the city. Ask us for directions, we are happy to help.

  • Brandenburger Tor
    About this building you have to say not much. It is probably not only the symbol of Berlin, but also internationally for Germany. Importantly, however, that around the Brandenburger Tor many other attractions of Berlin can be reached by foot. So it's a good starting point to the Reichstag, the Tiergarten, the Sony Center and the Potsdamer Platz, the boulevard "Unter den Linden" and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.
  • Funkturm Berlin & Berliner Fernsehturm
    Both towers provide a good platform for an overview of the city to obtain. The older Funkturm Berlin is located at the fairgrounds and offers a restaurant on his Plattform. The Fernsehturm Berlin offers on 203 meters and 207 meters above sea level a panoramic view of Berlin. Again, there is a restaurant on the observation deck.
  • Tempelhofer Feld
    After the airfield at Tempelhof was closed, the city opened the terrain for all citizens. The very special atmosphere of a disused airport carries over to the entire area. Barbecue, biking or skating and is allowed on the site.
  • Berliner Mauer
    There is not much to see of the Berlin Wall. However, some important pieces were obtained. Well worth a visit in Berliner Mauerpark. A green space developed on the former death strip at the famous Bernauer Straße. About 300m wall which faced the DDR have been preserved here.
    The Foundation Topografie des Terrors has its building erected in memory of the reign of terror of the Nazis to a remnant of the Berlin Wall. The special feature of this about 200m long piece of the wall is its condition. It was obtained with all the changes after the fall of the Berlin Wall, for example holes made by "Wall woodpeckers". It is now a conservation listed building.
    Most impressive, however, is the memorial "Berlin Wall". It is the central memorial site for the time of the german partition. It is the only piece of the Berlin Wall that is still preserved in its full extension. The memorial is located on the site on Bernauer Strasse.
    An artistic approach to the Berlin Wall is located in the East Side Gallery. Here the wall was painted by many famous artists and stands since 1991 under monument protection. Unfortunately, this piece of wall is threatened by the construction of buildings in its vicinity. A visit should happen soon.
    A border crossing can still be seen in the former "Tränenpalast" at Friedrichstrasse railstation. At this historic site you can experience the day life during the german partition.
  • Currywurst Cult
    A culinary highlight is unquestionably the Berlin Currywurst. There are debates where you can find the best Currywurst of Berlin. However we recommend Curry 36, at the Berlin Zoo train station not far from our hotel, Curry Wolf and of course the Currywurst Museum.
  • At historical site one of the most important museums of contemporary art has been established. The Hamburger Bahnhof was the terminus of the railway line Berlin Hamburg and is the last historic station building of Berlin. It is the largest building of the National Gallery.
  • Iconic entertainment
    The Friedrichstadt Palast is the largest stage of the world. In the center of Berlins East End theater district, it offers huge shows with over 100 artists.
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